5 Tricks to Staying Calm While Getting an MRI

13 July 2021
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If you have a health condition that requires you to get an MRI, and you are not that fond of small spaces, it is helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you stay calm during your MRI. When getting an MRI, it is important for you to stay calm so that the technician can get the best possible image.

Learn About the Process

Before you get into the MRI machine, talk to your doctor and the technologist who will be running the scan. Have them walk you through how the process will work. Have them explain all of the sounds you will hear and how long each step will take. Knowing what is going to happen can make you feel more in control of the experience.

Listen to Music

If you find that listening to music tends to make you feel calm, then see if you can bring some music to the exam. Generally, you can listen to music through headphones using your own device. Being able to listen to music can have a calming effect on many individuals. See if this is possible before your exam.

Cover Up Your Face

Some people find it helpful to cover up their face when they get an MRI. By putting a towel, washcloth, or eye mask over one's face, you can close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere else, such as in bed at home, or on a beach, or anywhere but inside of the MRI machine. Not seeing where you are may allow you to visualize that you are somewhere else.

Talk to the Technician

It is important to remember that when you are getting an MRI, you are not alone. There is a technician there who is going to be monitoring the entire experience. If you want to, you can talk with your technician throughout the exam. Or you can ask the technician to explain what is happening as the exam progresses, so you can know what step you are at in the process. Getting these updates can make the time go quicker during your exam and can help you feel calmer when you know what is happening and when it will happen.

Focus on Your Breathing

Finally, it can also be helpful to focus on your breathing when you are inside of the MRI. You can just focus on breathing in and out, or you can use any mediation techniques you know. Focusing on something that you have to do anyways, and that has a rhythmic pattern to it, can be relaxing. You can also listen to a mediation podcast through your headphones.

With an MRI, it is important to lie still and to stay calm. This can be achieved by knowing what will happen before you start the process and having the technician talk to you throughout the procedure. You can also listen to music, focus on your breathing, or cover up your face so you can allow your mind to take you somewhere else.

Keep these tips in mind when scheduling an MRI scan.