3 Weird Things That You Could Be Allergic To

21 December 2015
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You may know people that are allergic to things like gluten, bees, cats, dogs, pollen, peanuts, and more. These are known as common allergies, but there are some very strange things that you may not be aware of that you could be allergic to, such as shoes, heat, and cold.


If you often have athlete's foot, otherwise known as dermatitis, that you get from wearing certain shoes, this results in itchy, irritated, and flaky skin. This is generally a negative reaction to chemicals used in the manufacturing process when making the shoes. This could be you having a reaction to the tanning leather, rubber cements, resins, or glues. If your feet perspire while wearing your shoes, it can make this problem even worse. To help with this, use foot powder or wear shoe inserts made for this purpose. If you are allergic to leather or rubber, choose shoes that are made up of a synthetic material, such as vinyl.


Many people do not like the heat, but there are some people that are severely allergic to it.  This is also known as cholinergic. If you have this problem, you could have something like a heat rash. You could also have welts erupt on your skin, along with swelling, burning, itching, and stinging skin.

This heat does not only have to come from the sun. You could become overheated by a hot shower, spicy food, jackets, saunas, and exercise. In many cases, taking an antihistamine may help with the symptoms. For a severe heat allergy, you will need to make some lifestyle changes to prevent these reactions.


Instead of heat, you could be allergic to cold. This is also known as cold urticarial, and causes symptoms like welts, redness, and itching after being exposed to cold conditions. You may also have swelling in your extremities. These cold conditions can come from things like the weather, chilled beverages and food, air conditioning, and swimming pools. In extreme cases, you could experience hypotension, but this is very rare.

If you are suffering from any of the above problems, see an allergy specialist. They can do tests to determine what is causing your allergic reactions so you know what changes you need to make. Once the allergy is found, you may be prescribed medication, or the doctor may give you allergy injections over a period of time to decrease problems with the allergy. Contact a business, such as the Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Wyoming LLC, if you have additional problems with allergies.