Tips For Getting Through Chemo Brain

21 October 2015
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With about 1.5 million Americans being diagnosed with cancer each year, many of them will undergo chemotherapy in an effort to eliminate it. Chemotherapy has been a great asset to those who are battling various types of cancer. It helps kill the cancer cells and has put many patients in remission. Unfortunately, there are many side effects that patients have to deal with when undergoing chemotherapy. One of the biggest drawbacks to chemotherapy is chemo brain. This happens when there is a cognitive decline a patient experiences after going through the chemotherapy. Patients will have trouble focusing and struggle to concentrate. This can leave them feeling depressed and confused. In an effort to regain some confidence and cognitive balance, here are some tips to help get through the chemo brain.

Make Your Day Easier

In a hectic world, your schedule can quickly get out of control whether you have gone through chemo or not. For those who are dealing with chemotherapy, it is important to make routine tasks even simpler. This can be done by creating lists for yourself. Even if you know what your schedule is, you can remind yourself of all the little things that need to be done throughout the day so you don't run the risk of forgetting. When you are having an off moment throughout the day, you can still remain on schedule by taking a look at your list.

Keeping a calendar seems like a no-brainer for anyone, but chemo patients will find this especially helpful. When you don't have to try and remember every little event, you can free up your mind so you can focus on other tasks. Keeping a calendar will help you stay on track and help you avoid missing important dates when you are struggling cognitively. 

Utilize Your Smart Phone

More and more people are using smart phones to help with daily tasks. This can also be a great asset to those who are suffering from chemo brain. In fact, there are many apps that are available to help ease some of the cloudiness your brain may be plagued with. Something as simple as your phone's camera can be a great way to help jog your memory. If you are required to take medications at certain times of the day, you can download apps that alert you when it is time to take them. Additionally, you can even use a voice recorder to help you remember certain things. 

Get Support

Being able to rely on your family and friends is a great help when you are feeling down and confused. It is very easy to get depressed when you are struggling cognitively. While your friends and family may not understand what you are going through, they can still help lift your spirits when you are down. You also want to talk to your medical professional about the different problems you are having. While it is common to have cognitive issues when going through chemotherapy, it could be a result of other problems as well. 

For more information, contact a local hospital or clinic involved in cancer care, such as Sturdy Memorial Hospital.