What Is A Difference Between A Sonogram And Ultrasound?

19 October 2015
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Medical personnel often use the terms ultrasound and sonogram interchangeably. However, there is a difference. If your doctor recommends that you have an examination of your abdomen, then you are probably not sure about what procedure you are getting. Read on to find out the difference between a sonogram and ultrasound.

What Is An Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a diagnostic examination of the organs inside of your body. This examination directs high-frequency sound waves into your body. It records how quickly the sound waves bounce back.

An ultrasound is performed by coating your stomach with a water-based gel and your doctor guides a handheld probe over the area. This examination also uses an ultrasound machine to collect data. The machine works by collecting the speed of the returning sound waves to create an image of the inside of your body. This image is displayed on a monitor and recorded for later use.

What Is A Sonogram?

A sonogram examines the inside of your body. It scans your pelvic area and abdomen using high-frequency sound waves. An image is created from this examination and it uses an ultrasound machine. It gives your doctor a look at your insides without having to perform surgery.

What Are The Uses?

Sonograms are used by doctors to watch the growth of the fetus. This procedure also calculates the due date, age and number of fetuses. It is also used to find cancerous cells and pelvic bleeding.

Sonograms are best known for their use in obstetrics. This technology allows unborn babies to be monitored before they leave the womb. It can also be used with other conditions.

An ultrasound is used to create an image. This procedure is used to check for kidney function, to locate your hernia and to look at dense breast tissue. It is used for a variety of diagnostic purposes.

Ultrasounds are also used in other industries. It is used to search for underwater objects, to measure the depth of water and to measure the purity of liquids. Ultrasound technology is also used with animals. Whales and dolphins use ultrasound signals to communicate and capture their prey.

This type of examination can be called a variety of names. Example names include ultrasonography, echocardiogram, abdominal sonogram and obstetric sonogram. The type of procedure depends on the reason for having the examination. The main difference between an ultrasound and sonogram is that one is a diagnostic examination and the other is a digital image. To learn more, speak with a business like All Women's Clinic.